11 Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Announce a Disney Trip!

Gifting your family a Disney trip this holiday season? These Disney stocking stuffer ideas will provide a fun and unique way to announce your Disney trip to your kids!

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

We are heading to Disney World shortly after Christmas. It's a "dream/wish" trip for our daughter who was born with a rare medical condition. We were on a six-year waiting list for this trip through the foundation we went through, and they pulled her name off the list two years early. My son knows we're going on the trip but we're all waiting until Christmas morning to surprise Kinsley. 

I wanted to make our stockings Disney-themed this year, and at the bottom of Kinsley's stocking put a note that says, "We're going to DISNEY!" She has the best reactions to all gifts and we know she'll be absolutely thrilled about this trip. 

My hope for the stocking stuffers is that they would be items that would actually be fun and useful during our trip, and the time leading up to the trip. I hate when stocking stuffers are things I immediately want to dump in the trash the second Christmas is over, so I was really intentional with the items I picked for this list. 

How Many Stocking Stuffers Should You Buy?

I don't typically do a set number of items for stocking stuffers each year. Mainly because I mentally plan on spending about $100 on stocking stuffers for the entire family, and then many of those items come with multiples that end up getting divided between all the stockings like you'll see with some items on this list. So for me, I'm really shooting for a budget rather than a set number. 

I do try to keep the number of items in each stocking even for each kid, and then use candy as a filler if needed depending on the year and what things are looking like once they're all stuffed into the stocking. 

Disney Pins:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas
I've heard that pins are a thing all around Disney so I thought it would be fun to get the kids some outside of the park to have if they want to trade at any point, and they can go onto their backpacks, or wherever without them being super intrusive in our lives.

Minnie Ears:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas
From what I've seen on any Instagram post related to Disney, a young girl can not attend such a theme park without some outrageous Minnie Mouse ears? So some frilly and super girlie ears were on the docket for this wish trip. These scream Kinsley and I'm sure she's going to love them!

Disney Pens:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I love a good consumable gift. These pens are fun and on theme to go in the stocking, but then I love that they'll actually get used around the house and for school work leading up to the trip. This little five-pack will be an easy purchase to divide up between all the stockings in the house. 

Disney Pez Dispenser:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

When searching for some Disney candy on Amazon, I found these Mickey and Minnie Pez dispensers and thought they would be perfect for Christmas stockings. I think Derek might have gotten the kids into Pez a couple of years ago, and I feel like we've had a mini tradition of including them in stockings ever since.

Pixar Spot It Game:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We have been loving Spot It in our house this year. This Pixar version is really fun, and they have a princess version as well. We bought the kids the Paw Patrol and Harry Potter versions for Easter this year and they get played all the time. This seems like a tradition worth keeping up in our house.

Disney Key Chains:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I thought these key chains could be a fun addition to go onto their backpacks for this trip. We typically get the kids a keychain every time we go on a trip with or without them, so this is an easy way to keep up that tradition in our family. This set comes with just a Mickey and a Minnie but there are a lot of options online to choose from!

Disney Baseball Hat:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I am 100% positive that Kyle is not going to want to wear Minnie Mouse ears on this trip, but I figured a Mickey Mouse hat would be the preteen boy equivalent in this instance. I even found a beige one that I think I'm going to have to snag for myself before we leave in January. 

Disney Bandaids:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We go through more bandaids in this house than I would ever care to discuss in a public setting (we're talking multiple boxes per month...) so really this is a purchase out of household necessity, but we're sticking to a theme so throwing them in a stocking and calling it Christmas will make the everyday use a little more glamorous. 

Disney Playing Cards:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I found out this week that we do not own a deck of playing cards in our house. I needed to bring some on a work trip and found these on Amazon (which is what actually sparked the idea for how we're announcing this trip and this entire post!), but they'll make a great stocking stuffer long after my work trip is over! They also come in a pink version as well.

Disney Bath Bombs:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Bath bombs are a major Christmas Stocking tradition for us in our home. We usually put one in everyone's stocking, and then Kinsley bullies everyone into giving her their bath bombs, and then she ends up with them all (she bullies lovingly and she really is the only one who wants them haha!)

Disney Lego Minifigs:

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Kyle is the lover of all things Lego in our home. I found this Disney Minifig set on Amazon and figured that would be a fun addition to the mix for him, and the set can easily be divided and shared with Kinsley as well. 

Some sort of combination of these objects will be in our kid's stockings this year on Christmas morning, and I cannot wait for Kinsley to get to the bottom of her stocking and find out that we are actually GOING to Disney World. It's going to be so magical, and I'm so excited for her and the rest of our family. This really is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip! 

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