Last Minute Amazon Teacher Gift Idea (ONE-DAY SHIPPING)

If you need a last minute Amazon teacher gift that will get to your door with one-day shipping, this gift idea is for you! 

Amazon Teacher Gift

Last Minute Amazon Teacher Gift Idea

My daughter is in a special education classroom with one teacher and four aids. This means at the end of every school year we end up having to purchase 5 gifts for everyone in her room. 

And these teachers are heroes and absolutely deserve a gift at the end of the school year for the miracles they do in our children. 

We had a lot going on the last few weeks though and I just got around to purchasing our teacher gifts with only two days before the last day of school. 

If you need a last-minute teacher gift idea that will ship to your house in one day, this is what we did for our teachers this year and hopefully, it's a good idea for you too!

Floral Glass Ice Coffee Cups with Bamboo Lids:

Amazon Teacher GiftFor the aids in our daughter's class, we purchased these iced coffee cups. They're technically called ice coffee cups but you can easily use them for any icy summer drink. They are really cute with a floral detail that you can see when the glasses are filled. They come in a pack of 4 for $20.

Teacher Ice Coffee Cup:

Amazon Teacher GiftFor the actual teacher in our daughter's classroom, we purchased her this teacher-specific glass that is just like the other ones I linked above. It is very cute and will be perfect for sipping on sodas or anything else throughout the summer. 

Floral Magnetic Bookmarks:

Amazon Teacher GiftI saw this five-pack of floral magnetic bookmarks on Amazon and thought it would be perfect to divide up among all the bags for each of the teachers.

Handwritten Note:

The women in this classroom are so special to me, so I try to make sure I always include a handwritten note in each of their gifts thanking them for the time, energy, and love they pour into not only my child but all the other kids in the class too.

Brown Kraft Gift Bag:

Amazon Teacher GiftNo gift is complete without a bag to put it in. I purchased a 20-pack of these brown bags to put all the gifts in, and hopefully, the extras will last me through some more gifts throughout the year. 

In all, I spent $50 on all of these items for the teachers, which comes out to about $10 per person, which is about what I spend each school year on gifts. You could also just do a gift card and a handwritten note, but I wanted to do a little something else for the teachers this year too. 

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