33 Essentials for First Time Travel Trailer Owners

This week our family purchased our first travel trailer. We quickly needed to purchase all of the essentials for first time travel trailer owners. Luckily with the help of seasoned friends, we were able to gather everything we needed for years of memories ahead. 

Essentials for First Time Travel Trailer Owners

Essentials for First Time Travel Trailer Owners:

There is so much that goes into purchasing a travel trailer. I was shocked by how much you need, and how basically nothing comes with the trailer when you purchase it. You need several different types of hoses, bedding, leveling blocks, brake controllers, it can feel overwhelming. 

Hopefully, this list will provide you with all the essentials you need, and take the overwhelm out for you so you can focus on what's most important: making memories with your family in your new camper! 

Ball and Hitch:

Turns out, you're not going anywhere unless you can get your trailer towed somewhere. We bought this ball and hitch from Walmart, and for $78, it works perfectly!

You need a break controller for your trailer. This is expensive. But we rented before we bought and this was the break controller that we used with the rental and what my husband felt most comfortable with. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a mobile app and syncs all the breaks together. Other than that it's beyond my scope but, it's apparently what you should get. 

Drive-up Leveling Blocks:

You drive your trailer onto these to level it left to right if you're leaning heavy to one side.

Leveling Blocks:

You could also just cut square pieces of wood if you have scrap wood in your garage like us, if not, this set is great. These go under the front hitch of the trailer to level it front to back once you unhitch from the car.


These go in front of and behind your tires so the trailer doesn't roll away. Very helpful.

Surge Protector:

I have zero understanding of how anything electrical works, but the internet told me to get one of these so I did.


A generator is not necessary unless you plan on using your air conditioner. I'm told 3500 watts is what you want for an RV generator, but other than that it goes under "electrical things my husband does". This one is a best seller on Amazon for RVs and trailers.

Water Pressure Regulator:

If water goes through your pipes with too much force it can damage the pipes. A regulator allows you to know the pressure and adjust as needed.

Clean Water Hose:

You will want a hose that will get clean water into your trailer. You will want a hose that is just for your clean water and nothing else.

Sewer Hose Kit:

You will need a specific type of hose to drain the waste from your RV. 

Bag for Sewer Hose:

Just seems like you should conceal the hose you're draining your poop with, yah know?

Hose to Clean Sewer Hose:

I know this seems like a lot of hoses. This one is to clean the sewer hose out as needed. Just feels right to not use the same one as your fresh water hose. It doesn't need to be special, just a different color so you know it's not the fresh water hose. 

Simple RV Bedding:

We bought this very inexpensive bedding for all three beds in our trailer. It's a fun camping plaid print and we bought the exact same one for all the beds. 

Mattress Covers:

We bought these waterproof mattress covers for each of the beds in our trailer. Two full size and one queen size.


We bought a bunch of these $3 pillows from Walmart to put on all the beds for our camper. Ours sleeps 10 technically and since we'll be renting it, we bought that many just to be safe. 


Again, since we're renting our trailer out we bought 4 of these fleece blankets as well to fill all the bedding spots. They're $10 each and super cute and neutral!

Broom and Dustpan:

So much dirt comes into your trailer without realizing, you'll be sweeping regularly!

Wall Mount for Broom:

We rented a trailer before we bought one and they had the broom mounted on the wall because there was not a cabinet to store away and I thought it was genius. 

RV Toilet Paper:

RV/Trailer toilet systems are sensitive. This toilet paper ensures you won't get a clog! 

Collapsible Bowls with Lids:

If you make extra food and want to store it away, these bowls are great. They also make for a good mixing bowl on the go. 

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set:

Measuring cups and spoons are a kitchen basic essential. This set is great and inexpensive. 

Plastic Plates, Cups, Bowls, Utensil Set:

We just bought this set for our last camping trip a few weeks ago and our entire family loved them. Perfect for a family of 4, but you can buy multiple sets if you need more. 

Duct Tape:

Just good to have on hand if you need to fix something on the go. The pink was the cheapest on Amazon which is how we ended up with it.

Electrical Tape:

One of those, "I don't know when I'll need this..." purchases, but great to have on hand for the occasion. 

First Aid Kit:

One of the things you hope to never need but great to have on hand just in case. 

Fire Extinguisher:

Filing under, "more things you hope to never need." 


Chances are your trailer does not have a dishwasher, so you'll need these.

Butane Stove:

Most trailers have a kitchen, but if you like to cook outdoors, don't want to get your trailer hot, or don't want to get bacon grease everywhere, an outdoor stove to cook on is great. If your trailer has an outdoor kitchen, more power to you. We've had this stove for years and love it.

Butane Stove Fuel:

The stove is useless without fuel. You're welcome.

Can Opener:

No camping utensil kit comes with a can opener. I have no clue why. Don't be caught off guard without one.

Cooking Utensil Set:

They do not make the same set we have since we bought ours a decade ago, but if I was purchasing again, I'd buy this set. Super cute and comes with everything you need.

Camping Pot and Pan Set: 

We actually don't own this yet, so we've been using the pots and pans from our home kitchen. But we're going to be renting out our trailer, so we will be getting this set when the time comes.

Misc Supplies: 

Not to create an exhaustive list, but you also need paper towels, Lysol spray to clean, dish soap, sponges, bath towels, toiletries, etc... 

This is everything you need to get started with your new RV or Travel Trailer. If I forgot something on my list let me know so I can get it on there. 

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