Simple Easter Pudding Cup

If you're looking for a simple easter pudding cup to make with kids leading up to Easter the next few weeks, these cups come together with easy pantry ingredients and are very easy to put together. 

Easter Pudding Cup

Simple Easter Pudding Cup:

When my kids were younger I loved celebrating all the holidays and doing all the things with them each season. It's something that we've lost as the kids have gotten older, but these pudding cups are still a fun after school activity that they enjoy making each year.

These can easily be adapted to whatever cookies, crackers, etc... that you would like to make them with, and while we made a bunny with ours, there are plenty of great ideas on pinterest for you to get inspiration from and make them your own as well. 

Easter Pudding Cup Ingredients:

 These easter pudding cups come together with just a few simple ingredients, many of which you likely already have on hand. To make these cups you will need:
Easter Pudding Cup

How to Make Easter Pudding Cups:

To make these Easter pudding cups you will first open the pudding cup. 

Then you will take a 1/4 section of a graham cracker and cut it in half to make two bunny ears. 

Take a little bit of frosting and attach the ears to the backside of a Nilla Wafer to make the bunny head.

Then you can use some frosting to make eyes and a mouth, and then attach some sprinkles to the frosting lines to make it more festive. 

Lastly, you can shake some sprinkles into the pudding cup, and place the bunny head into the cup to finish off your Easter pudding cup. 

Easter Pudding Cup

When to Make Easter Pudding Cups:

You can make these anytime throughout the Easter season, but they are a great activity to do the week before Easter as a preschool activity, a class party, at church, home, or anywhere in the community if you're going to be gathering with a lot of small children. They're an easy treat that many kids will love to eat, and likely have even more fun making. 

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