Boys Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2024

This boys capsule wardrobe for spring 2024 is the perfect size wardrobe to get your child through these last few months of school without breaking the bank. 

Boys Capsule Wardrobe

Boy Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2024:

Over the last few weeks both of my kids have gotten to the point where the clothes we bought at the beginning of the school year just aren't really working for them anymore. Things are short, faded, torn, stained, all the things that come with being 9 and 11 in elementary school. 

My son is also getting to the point where dressing in sweatpants, basketball shorts, and athletic shirts every single day are no longer the vibe that he is going for. The man child needed a style upgrade, and after years of buying everything with a Nike or Adidas logo on it, I was happy to provide some new life to his closet. 

Boys Capsule Wardrobe

How Many Pieces for a Boy Capsule Wardrobe?

In general I like to have around 12 pieces for a capsule wardrobe. This capsule wardrobe for my son is a little smaller, you might even call it a micro wardrobe if that's a thing? The reason behind this is because he's homeschooled and doesn't get out of the house at the same frequency as my daughter, and two, because he does hang out in his pajamas a lot as a result of point number one. 

If he were in school full time, I would likely have added 1-2 more pairs of pants and probably two more shirts, but in general this smaller amount of clothing is more than enough to get him through what he does in a week, and he still has sweats, shorts, old t-shirts to get him through lounging at home as well. 

The Best Dress Shirts for Boys:

I always include church clothes in my kid's capsule wardrobes because even if your family doesn't attend church weekly, it is nice to have some dress clothes on hands for your kids. My favorite dress shirts for my son are these new kid's shirts from And Collar.

They're stain resistant, waterproof, moisture wicking, and just an all around amazing shirt. It's easily Kyle's favorite, and they're the only shirts that Derek wears on a regular basis now as well. You can get 15% off with code Flamm15 at checkout. 

Boys Capsule Wardrobe

How Many Pairs of Shoes for a Boy?

The answer for this is going to be different for every family and their needs, but we typically like to do three pairs of shoes. A pair for church, a pair for exercise, and a more casual shoe. You can see here we recently purchased these new casual shoes from Zara, but we've had these church shoes, and these Nikes for a while now and they've all held up well. 

Boys Capsule Wardrobe

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