Geometry Towels Promo Code: $7 Towel Deal!

If you're in the market to purchase new towels for your kitchen and are looking for a smoking hot deal on geometry towels, this geometry towels promo code will get you 35% off your order making these towels only $7 each!

Geometry Towels Promo Code

Geometry Towels Promo Code:

If you're looking for a great promo code for Geometry Towels you've come to the right place. When you shop through my link and use code THANKYOU35 at checkout, you can get 35% off your purchase at If you want to learn about a killer deal, what makes these towels better than all other kitchen towels, and so much more, keep reading this post for all the details. 

Killer Deal on Geometry Kitchen Towels:

If you've been on the geometry website, chances are that you have completely scoffed when you've noticed that their kitchen towels are $18 per piece. It can leave you wondering, what the___ (insert superlative of choice here), and whether they are worth the money.

If you're into having seasonal towels and want to shop the latest prints all the time, then sure, spending that money on towels could be worth it for you. BUT there is a way to get these towels for just $7 each, and I'm going to share that with you here. 

How to Get Geometry Towels for $7!

To get Geometry Towels for just $7 (YES S-E-V-E-N!), simply click this link to be taken to all of the kitchen towels on the Geometry website. Sort the towels by price from low to high and then you'll see a bunch of towels on sale for $11.20 - $11.90 each. Add any of the $11 priced ones that you like to your cart, and then stack the THANKYOU35 promo code on top of that, and you can score towels for only $7.74 or less. This is the best geometry deal that will help you save money.

You will have to pay for shipping unless you place an order of $75 or more. I recommend doing this and then you can have a lot of towels for your home, save them for end-of-the-year teacher gifts, or have them on hand for random occasions that come up.

Geometry Towels Promo Code

Other Geometry Coupon Code:

If the THANKYOU35 code has expired and is not working, there is another code you can use to get 15% off your purchase. This code is PaigeF15. This will make the sale towels $10.12, which is still a great deal when compared to the full price of their tea towels.

The Best Geometry Items:

The best items of Geometry's in my opinion are their dish towels. I love the tea towels and their bar towels the best and are what I currently have in my home. I find that they are super absorbent, high quality, and just last so much longer when compared to other brands.

Geometry Towels Promo Code

Purchasing with Geometry Offers and Discounts:

Geometry offers lots of different ways to pay and checkout online. Obviously, there are the latest Geometry coupons I've shared here, but you can also use a student discount through third party services on eligible orders, use pay over time options, free next day shipping, and shop pay is available to you at checkout. 

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