Science for Kids: Fizzing Planets

This fizzing planets experiment is the perfect science project to do with kids, especially if you're doing an outer space unit with school, preschool, homeschool, etc... The kids will love helping to put it all together, and they'll especially love watching the planets fizz. 

Fizzing Planets

Fizzing Planets Science Project:

This fizzing planets science project is super fun to make with kids, and if you're made bath bombs before, it's a very similar process. To make these fizzing planets you'll combine baking soda and water together, and then form it into a ball. You can add food coloring if you want to make the balls into different colors. We chose green and blue to make them kind of look like the earth. When you've shaped your balls, you'll have the child spoon vinegar on top and watch them fizz.

Fizzing Planets

What Makes Fizzing Planets Fizz:

Fizzing planets start to fizz because of the chemical reaction that occurs between the baking soda and the vinegar. Similar to the reaction that happens with a bath bomb when it hits the water, or when you make a volcano for a science project, baking soda reacts and fizzes with a lot of different things, and that's what's occurring in this project. 

Fizzing Planets

Fizzing Planets Ingredients: 

To make these fun fizzing planets you'll need just four ingredients, most of which you likely have on hand in your pantry. You will need:
  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Vinegar
Fizzing Planets

Ages for Fizzing Planet Project?

Honestly, I think this is a project that kids of all ages would enjoy. We did this with Kyle when we homeschooled him for preschool, and now that we're homeschooling him again for sixth grade, I think he would enjoy doing this during our space unit this year too. The only difference is that now he's capable of doing the entire project himself start to finish, which I think he would enjoy. 

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  1. You are totally a fun mom now! (Although, I'm pretty sure you were always fun). Have you tried cornstarch and water yet? It's a suspended liquid, so when you squeeze it in your hand, it's a solid, but as soon as you open your hand, it turns into liquid form. Kids have so much fun with it! My mom teaches child development so she knows all those fun things for kids to do and they learn while doing it :)