Squirt Gun Water Color DIY

This squirt gun water color DIY project is a great project to do with kids of all ages. It's very inexpensive to put together and you can make it is intricate or simple as you'd like. 

Squirt Gun Water Color

Squirt Gun Water Color DIY:

When we homeschooled Kyle for preschool, this was one of the many different projects we did together. This project is super easy because you can purchase everything at the dollar store, and you won't need to put a ton of thought into it. Simply get a water gun and fill it with a combination of food coloring and water. Purchase a canvas, which can also be found at the dollar store, and then squirt the water gun at the canvas, and you've completed the project. It's a fun and easy stem/art project with very little prep. 

Squirt Gun Water Color

Squirt Gun Water Color Supplies:

You can purchase everything for this project at your local dollar store during the summer months. If water guns are not in stock you can order them online as well. For this project you will need:

Squirt Gun Water Color

Variations for Squirt Gun Water Color:

There are a lot of fun variations you can do for this project. You could put painters tape in a fun design on the canvas and then squirt it with the water gun, when. it dries and you peel away the tape it will reveal fun lines. 

These fun flower shaped canvases are really cute and would look amazing hung up in a girl's bedroom on the wall afterwards. You could also purchase these hexagon shaped canvases to hang up in a boy's bedroom.

Squirt Gun Water Color

Squirt Gun Water Color Games:

Another fun way to use the water guns with food coloring would be to have a water color squirt gun war. Simply fill a bunch of water guns with different color water, and then put all the kids into a white t-shirt. Send them outside to squirt each other, and then the result at the end would be some fun tie-dye style t-shirts. 

Squirt Gun Water Color

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