Squirt Gun Water Color DIY

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I'm really not a very fun mom. When I was pregnant for Jay I remember that was the time when Pinterest really started to become a "thing", and while I anxiously waited for the arrival of our first child, I pinned all these fun parenting activities that I thought would be so fun to do with him when he got older. Jay turns four in two weeks, and this right here is the only "Pinterest worthy" child activity that I've done with him so far. When we were done, I realized how fun and easy it was to do a little project like this, and how we really should slow down to do things like this more often. 

I had seen an idea like this on the internet somewhere, where you put some food coloring into water guns, and spray it at a canvas to make a cool picture. I figured it was so easy, and non-labor intensive that I could easily pull it off myself. Plus, Jay doesn't really have the best hand strength, so I figured anything working those little finger muscles, the better. 

We headed out to Walmart last week to get everything we needed for this project (AKA 97 cent water guns), and some All Free Clear Detergent. This has been our detergent of choice since Jay was born. I love it because it doesn't have the harsh chemicals or dyes like other detergents, but is significantly less money then the specifically marketed baby detergents that do the exact same thing. Jay has always had eczema on the back of his arms near his elbows, and so we like to keep things in our laundry as gentle as possible to alleviate any chance of allergies. That, and when you're about to let your kid run loose with a water gun filled with food coloring, having detergent on hand is basically a necessity. 

1 small canvas
food coloring
water guns

Pour about 1 tsp of food coloring into your water gun. Then fill the water gun about half way with water. Have your child point the water gun at the canvas and let them make their own picture mixing and using as many colors as they would like. Leave outside to dry for a few hours. Color does not transfer from picture once dried. Also, my water guns leaked in our house a little bit, but the color wiped up really easily. Just take caution and be careful to not spill on hard to clean surfaces, or do the entire project start to finish outside. 

What is your family's laundry detergent of choice? Have you tried All Free Clear?

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