Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review (unsponsored)

For the last year I've been using this Oh Joy for Target diaper bag that I got for Christmas in 2016. I LOVED that diaper bag when I got it, but then around November this year the zipper broke off, and then Em found a pen and completely graffitied it, so it was definitely time to get a new bag. 

Outfit Details: Jacket // Bag // Dress // Shoes

I have loved the look and style of the Fawn Design bag for ages, but it was so expensive. Part of me really wanted to buy it, purely to support another Utah business owner, but the other part of me could not justify spending that much money, regardless of the good deed of supporting a small business. 

I went on Instagram and asked you guys what your diaper bag recommendations were, and so many of you recommended this Miss Fong bag to me.  I was hesitant to purchase it based on the name, because I thought it was going to be a cheap piece of junk from China, but my friend Landen told me that her sister Janssen knew the owners (update: Janssen has said she doesn't know the owners so this could be a piece of junk from China), and that made me feel a lot better about getting the bag too. That and the bag only cost $44, and I had an Amazon gift card and only paid about $13 when all was said and done. 

I've used the bag for several weeks now, and people have been asking for my thoughts, so I figured I'd do a full review for you! Things I like about the bag: 

  • It's a backpack. I love backpack bags because I'm typically carrying Em, or pushing her in my stroller, so I love being hands free and not having to worry about a cross body knocking into me or her constantly. 
  • It seems to be good quality. I haven't had any loose threads, the lining doesn't have any tears, and nothing seems to be falling apart from what I can see.
  • It has an insulated pocket for a baby bottle. We've used it a few times and it works well. 
  • It does well in the rain. I've been caught in the rain with it several times, and water hasn't affected the look of the outside of the bag, and moisture never got in the inside of the bag. 
  • It's roomy, but not huge. At this point in parenting, I'm not bringing 1,000 things with me all the time. But it is roomy enough for a diaper and wipes, my phone, wallet, and keys, a water bottle, and a couple toys. If I had a newborn and was carrying a swaddle blanket and an extra outfit, I'd imagine it might get stuffed really fast. 
  • It comes in so many colors! Black, Brown, Blush Pink, and Grey! 
I only have one major con with this bag, but it's enough that it actually really drives me crazy. There are pockets with zippers on the side of the bag, and when I have a sweater on, the zipper manages to snag my sweater, pull a thread loose, and then make a hole in my sweater. It's done this to two of my cardigans so far, and since I have a capsule wardrobe, it's not like there is an abundance of extra sweaters in my closet right now. So, that's a huge bummer, but a problem that I assume won't happen when sweater weather is over.   


  1. I was reading along this post and then totally surprised to see my name pop up. Especially because I don't know the owners of Miss Fong. 😂

    Now I'm so curious who Landen was thinking of! Maybe Sage & Harper?

  2. This backpack is adorable! The backpack I bought myself for Ireland is the one I plan on using as a diaper bag because it is nice to be hands free! I love how happy you have looked since your move to Utah :)