Kids Stocking Stuffers

 With a couple weeks left until Christmas, these kids stocking stuffers will be a great way to finish off your shopping this holiday season. 

Over the weekend I finished purchasing the kid's stocking stuffers for this year. We're trying to keep it really simple, filled with just a few practical things I know they're going to get use from. I think in years passed I've just gone over board with the stockings and not matter how good my intentions start, it always ends up being things that don't get used and thrown out. This year I feel really strongly that I've purchased things that will get used and be loved. 

Kids Stocking Stuffers:

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Boy's Bowties:

Kyle has been wearing the same bowties for several years now, so I thought I'd add some variety into his options by adding a new pack of bowties to his life. These were only $8 on Amazon, and come with five bowties, so they're an awesome value!

Kid's Face Mask:

My friend Karem has been sewing face masks around the clock the last several months. I've had my eye on a few for a while and snagged a Star Wars one for Kyle, a flower printed on for Kinsley, and a poppy printed one for myself. They're made with beautiful fabrics and I can't wait for them to arrive. 

Fabric Hair Bows:

These were another awesome Amazon find! This 24 pack came in a set for only $7! There are two of each bow making them perfect for pigtails, and it will help to boost Kinsley's stash because I can't keep track of bows for the life of me and am always losing them! 


I've heard rave reviews about Pluffle for a couple of years now and have not tried it with my kids. It's supposed to be a foam like version of kinetic sand, it never dries out, and provides lots of sensory fun! We got a 2pk for under $12, and I'll pop 1 in each of the kid's stockings. 

Etsy Vinyl Stickers:

My friend Wendy is homeschooling her kids this year, and her 9 and 11-year-old are taking an entrepreneur class. Her kids designed these vinyl stickers on their own, and Wendy opened an Etsy shop for them to sell! I knew I totally had to support their endeavor via stocking stuffers this year. I'm sure these will end up on water bottles and iPads the second they get them, and it's going to make me so happy seeing these stickers from our friends around our home! We've had a sample on our iPad for several weeks now and it's held up great and looks brand new still!

What are you doing for Kids Stocking Stuffers this year? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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  1. We put Pez in our kids stockings, because Rich got them as a kid and his mom continued the tradition with our kids. Since her passing I do it now. They also get things like makeup wipes and bath bombs for the girls and our son gets beef jerky and a couple of rolled up basic tees. I love your ideas. We added face coverings this year too. Aeropostale had a buy one pack get 2 packs free deal. So each of the older kids get 2 each.