10 EXCELLENT Tween Easter Basket Ideas 2024

These tween Easter basket ideas are perfect for kids ages 9 to 12-years-old that aren't necessarily mature enough for teenage items, but have long outgrown the little kid items that they used to find in their Easter baskets each year. 

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Tween Easter Basket Ideas:

When looking for tween Easter basket ideas,  I tried to think of things that my kids actually use and enjoy, that are age appropriate for them, and aren't just dollar store basket fillers that are going to end up in the trash in a week or two. 

I would rather purchase my kids one item that cost $10 and a put some candy in their basket then spend $15 on junk that truly isn't going to serve a purpose in our life once the holiday is over. We try to be very minimal with our Easter baskets for many reasons, but reducing waste is at the forefront.

Managing Easter with Older Kids and Tweens:

As I mentioned previously, gifting and baskets are not a major focus of our personal family celebrations. I grew up in a home where Easter baskets were a big deal, but even then they were filled with a ton of candy and not necessarily gifts. 

My husband grew up in a family that never did Easter baskets and bringing that tradition into our own family was hard for him. We've found the balance of keeping them small, not the center of the holiday, and I've definitely had to learn that dollar store thrills while fun in the moment don't last long and end up being a waste of money. 

For our family we typically will put about 10 plastic eggs filled with candy in each of the kids baskets, and then they will each get 1-2 items, often things that are on this gift guide. Last year each kid got a small spot it game in their basket with their candy. 

This year we haven't made any decisions yet, but I'll likely get a game or two for Kyle, and then Kinlsey has been asking for a small hedgehog stuff animal, so I'll likely get her that and possibly that egg toss game shown above because it's something we can do as a family in her skill level. 

10 Tween Easter Basket Ideas:

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Hedgehog Stuffed Animal:

Kinsley has been obsessed with hedgehogs for the last couple weeks and has been asking me nonstop to purchase her a hedgehog stuffed animal. I told her that I was not going to buy her one on a random day of the week, but I will for sure put one in her Easter basket for her. 

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Small Easter Lego Set:

Legos are always a good small gift idea to throw into an Easter basket. There is this bunny and carrot set that is shown to the left here, but there is also this yellow bunny and egg one that is also really cute. 


Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Monogrammed Fanny Pack:

I cannot be certain, but I think every girl on earth is in her fanny pack era, correct? This monogrammed one comes in every letter of the alphabet and is under $10.

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Tween Girl Face Masks:

I don't know if my daughter is at the age where she would think this is fun, but I have to imagine there are tween girls out there that would think getting a face mask in their Easter basket would be so fun. I love that each one of these are a different cute animal theme.

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Slime Easter Eggs:

I don't particularly love gimmicky holiday specific items that will end up in the trash... but these are cute and I'm considering pulling the plug on them for just $6. 

This game has been really popular among the youth group that I volunteer with on Sundays and Wednesdays. There are different puzzles in the instructions that you have to basically mimic with the given pieces. They stack into 3D pyramids which can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Again this is very popular among the ids I work with and Kyle has been in awe by some of the tricks that some of the other students can do. I think he would love the challenge of getting this in his basket to figure out. 
Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Foldology Origami Set:

With Kyle being homeschooled this year I love the idea of getting this for him to have something to do during the school day, especially on Fridays when he doesn't have as much work to do, I think it would be fun and stimulating for him.

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

Egg Toss Game:

I saw this and it looked like a fun game that I could see our entire family playing together. It has a little voice speaker inside of it that makes different noises depending on how hard or soft you throw it, or if it hits on the floor. It's supposed to be like an egg toss without the mess and I could totally see our family loving playing this together. 

How do you handle Easter baskets in your family? I'd love to know in the comments below! 

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