8 Amazon Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $40

Mother's Day is two weeks away, if you're in the market to purchase a gift or two, here are eight Amazon Mother's Day gift ideas that are all under $50 that any mom would love.

Amazon Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Amazon Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

When it comes to Mother's Day, I hate the idea of giving a gift just to give one, and I hate the idea of being gifted a gift just because someone feels obligated to give me something. When anything comes into my home I like to ask, does it have intentionality? Will it actually be used? Does it serve a purpose that another item in my home does not? With that in mind, I think that these Mother's Day gifts check those boxes, aren't wildly expensive, and will be useful and appreciated by most moms.

Espresso Machine:

Okay so right off the bat this gift is actually from Walmart, but it also has two-day shipping, it's $40 which is a killer deal for an espresso machine, and it has over 3,000 killer reviews. If you know someone who is in the market for an Espresso maker, this would be a great one to get. It's actually at the top of my Mother's Day wish list to save money from over-consuming Starbucks iced lattes.

Springtime Puzzle:

I love having a puzzle to work on, but to be honest 1,000-piece puzzles are a little too overwhelming for me. This 500-piece one is a perfect one that can be done in a day and is the perfect springtime picture.

Ice Coffee Glasses:

I bought an iced coffee glass like this last summer and it's a go-to in my house when I make coffee at home. These are under $20 and come in a set of four. The floral printed one is just super cute in my opinion.

Floral Printed Journal:

I'm not a huge journal writer, but I do try to write at least a few times a month. This one is really cute and pretty, very affordable, and might just be the right motivation to get Mom to journal more.

Modern Printed Apron:

Know your audience with this gift. I would love an apron because I don't currently have one, but I know some over-emotional mothers might interpret this as "You got me an apron, are you telling me I belong in the kitchen..." you know your mom, so stride lightly, but this apron is super cute (can you tell I'm into florals?), and it's a great price!

Coffee Table Book:

I love decorating with books and Amazon has so many great coffee table books that would be super fun to have around the home to look through. I love this history book that recreated black and white photos from history so you can have an idea of what things looked like "back then". There is also this home organization book or this really neat travel book.

Aesthetic Cutting Board:

Who doesn't love a good charcuterie board? This round one is well-priced and would make an amazing kitchen decor item that also serves a purpose and function.

Simple Modern Tumbler:

I got a Simple Modern Tumbler back in August as a birthday gift and I have LOVED it. It's cheaper than a Stanley Cup, it keeps your ice cold and frozen for literal days, and it comes in so many cute colors and patterns.

Greeting Card Box Set:

This is an awesome gift idea for any mom. I feel like there are so many occasions throughout the year when it would be nice to send someone a card, and I never have one on hand. This is a 24-card box set that has cards for every occasion, and it comes with dividers so you can continue to add cards to your collection and house them in the storage box.

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