5 Simple Mantle Decor Pieces from AMAZON

If you're interested in decorating your home with a clean and minimal style, these five simple mantle decor pieces from Amazon can transition into any season all year long, won't break the bank, and are classic items that will last for years to come.

Simple Mantle Decor

Simple Mantle Decor:

I love having staple pieces in my decor that can last all year round and don't need to be changed out regularly. As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I also don't want to be changing out my decor with every holiday and season. I want my home decor to be a "set it and forget it" mentality.

This mantle comes together with really simple pieces such as faux flickering candles, candle sticks, some vases, faux plants, and a mirror. I love that these pieces are very simple, but don't take up a ton of space, they don't make the fireplace look cluttered, and they make the house look "done" without being over the top.

Styling Simple Mantle Decor:

When styling a mantle, it's really all about balance. There are a few questions you can ask yourself when you're trying to style a mantle:

Are the objects on the far left and right of the mantle the same height?

Does it look cluttered or intentional?

Are there varying heights on each side for interest and dimension?

Does it look too matchy-matchy on each side?

When you're styling a mantle you want to keep all these questions in mind. I like to have different objects that are similar heights on the ends of my mantle. This means I don't want the same plant on both sides or the same candle on each side. I think a lot of interest comes from mixing and matching heights while trying to keep the weights and balances feeling similar too.

How I Styled My Simple Mantle Decor:

For this mantle, my large mirror in the middle was the anchor piece for the entire design.

I've had these white vases up here for a few years now and knew they would be perfect with some fresh faux green stems placed inside.

I wanted to match the height of the plants on the other side, without pairing it with more plants.

I have seen these faux flicking candles all over lately and thought they would be perfect on top of some candlesticks.

I didn't want the candlesticks to be black and match the mirror because then the black would visually be too heavy on one side since there isn't black on the side with the plants.

I opted for gold candlesticks to match the light and brightness of the vases, which I think brings in good balance from the round mirror.

All these things can feel like a lot to think about at once when you're designing a space which is why I sometimes recommend purchasing more items than you need, playing around with a few variations, and then returning what you end up not using.

5 Simple Mantle Decor Pieces from Amazon:

All of these pieces are under $45 (most of them are under $20!), will look great in any space, and are classic pieces that will stand the test of time.

24-inch Black Circle Mirror:

We have had this black circle mirror above our fireplace for almost three years now and really love it. It was super easy to install, and I love that it's less than $45 for a 2-foot mirror. That is such a great price since mirrors can be really expensive.

Set of Two White Vases:

These vases were originally down in Derek's office when we first moved into this house almost four years ago, and then I stole them and brought them upstairs once we had finished our fireplace. They're perfect for every season, and if you like changing up your decor regularly, you can swap out the green stems for something seasonal easily.

Green Stems:

I think every space instantly looks better when you bring some green into the design. These stems come in a pack of five for about $6 which is a pretty good deal and you only need one pack if you're just filling those two vases linked above.

Set of Three Gold Candle Sticks:

This was a new purchase for this space. We originally had a plant that died, and then an award from my old job that I've since been let go from, so we really needed to bring some non-traumatic items into this space. These candlesticks are a great price and bring the right balance to this space.

Flickering Faux Candles:

These candles have been all over the internet lately the last couple of years and this deal was too good to not try them. You get 6 for less than $10, and they come with a remote and flicker when you light them. I'm excited to give them a try in this space.

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